The National Library of Tashkent presents a unique book by Stalik Khankishiyev
06 november 2014, 11:39 2535 views


Renowned expert in Oriental cuisine Stalik Khankishiev is an honorary member of the Association of Chefs of Uzbekistan. He was born and lived in Fergana, where he fell in love with the food of the East. He is also a two-time winner of the international contest cookbook "Gourmet" in Paris 2013 and Beijing 2014 (culinary "Oscar").

The book "Kazan. A self-book in culinary"is not just a collection of recipes for dishes cooked in a cauldron flavored fascinating history. On the pages of the book the reader will find the icon of products through-scale intensity and duration of heating cauldron cooking, and, of course, the fascinating culinary history from the author.

According to, photos for the book were taken in the laboratory, equipment of which allows you to take photos of cooking directly in the pan.

"Kazan. A self-book in culinary"is one of the most exciting culinary projects at the book market - it has already been nominated for the" Book of the Year "at the exhibition Salon du Livre in Paris, and its presentation was held at the Moscow International Book Fair in September 2014.



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