Tashkent theatre wins Grand Prix of Inclusive Dance Festival
02 december 2014, 13:32 1381 views
The “Inclusive Dance” International Charity Dance Festival is held in order to promote full and equal exercise of all human rights and fundamental liberties by disabled persons. The purpose of the Festival is to popularise the art of dancing as a means of effective social integration and rehabilitation of disabled youth.
The festival was held in Moscow, Russia, from 21 to 21 November 2014. Over 500 people with various health problems and volunteers, who assisted them to overcome difficulties, attended the event. Among the participants were pairs and teams from Australia, USA, Belarus, Germany, Netherland, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Slovakia, Uzbekistan and Russia.
Integrated Motion Theatre LIK from Tashkent became an absolute winner and clinched the Grand Prix of the festival.
Integrated Motion Theatre LIK was founded in 1982 as a band of modern choreography. In 2013, it was reorganized into integrated theatre, which unites children and youth with disabilities, ordinary people and professional actors. Liliya Sevastyanova is a head of the theatre.