Speleologists in conjunction with National Geographic channel made a documentary about the Uzbekistan caves
11 december 2014, 17:45 2069 views


Scientists have recently returned from long expedition to Uzbekistan, where he explored the network of mountain caves array Hodge-Gur Gur-ata.

They filmed all their work, and after all the material dedicated to caving gathered in a single picture. The tape was filmed in collaboration with the channel National Geographic, and the footage is really impressive. The film is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of this study massif.

In Central Asia there are most attractive karst mountainous regions of speleological research. In the 80th years it was conducted extensive and successful research in the area, which gradually ceased for many years due to changes in the political situation, reports 4sport.ua.

The main directions of work has focused on the cave “Festivalnaya” (-625, 16 km) and the cave Dark Star. Cave Dark Star was partially studied by English cavers in 1990-1991. Both caves have great potential, the inputs are located at an altitude of about 3700 m, and the karst base level determines the source of Machala at an altitude of 1400 m.

The cave system "Dark Star" was the third deepest and longest in Uzbekistan, ahead of the next cave system-Festivalnaya-Ledopadnaya (-850 m) with incredible potential depth (theoretically up to 2300 m.), which will be a world record depth.