Premiere of the First Uzbek Musical “Maysara” preparing in Tashkent
25 august 2014, 10:27 1343 views



On the fourth of September on its stage will be premiere of the musical "Misura". It was created by the composer Anvar Ergashev on the motives of the first Uzbek national comic Opera Suleiman Yudakov "Maisara Tricks". The author of the play which lies at the basis of the new productions is Tashkent writer Ariadne Vasiliev.

The theatre is put by chief director Sergei Kapriyelov. It is attended by many leading artists, states Modern music is based on Oriental motifs, original love conflict, songs and poems, colorful costumes will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the new musical productions. The second premiere of the musical "Maysara" will be held in the new month of September 21. In the 42nd season of theater fans will have some new productions.