Nobel week started in Sweden
06 october 2014, 14:21 1180 views


Winners of this prestigious award and other categories will be announced in the coming days.

So, on October 7 in Stockholm the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics will be announced, October 8 - chemistry. Peace Prize laureate will be called on October 10 in Oslo, Winner of the "Prize for Economics Nobel Memorial" will be determined on 13 October.

The Swedish Academy, the Nobel Committee which decides on the award of the prize in literature, while the date is not announced, but we know that traditionally occurs in one of the Thursdays of October.

List of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 includes 278 candidates, of which 47 – international and local organizations, said on Tuesday the Norwegian Nobel Committee, after finishing work on the nominations sent to Oslo.

Recall that, according to the will of Alfred Nobel in 1901 it is presented annually to five prizes: in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and promote peace throughout the world.

The sixth award in the field of economics is awarded on the same terms, but directly doesn’t related to the Nobel - it was established by the Swedish bank in 1969.