International tasters chose the best wine from the Uzbek winemakers
10 october 2014, 15:24 1925 views


The Festival was attended by 13 leading enterprises in this area, who provided a wide range of wine products: champagne, sparkling wines, dry wines by European traditions, sweet spirits and fine wines and cognacs.

Also during the festival the International Tasting Competition "Honorable choice" took place, the commission of which included well-deserved winemakers from Uzbekistan and tasters from France, Estonia and Japan.

The winner in the category "Best dry red wine" became the brand "Bark Guzal" and "Best dry white wine" was admitted the mark "Muscat" from producer JSC "Combine Tashkentvino." The winner of the nomination in the category of "Sweet, vintage wines and spirits" was recognized dessert wine "Muscat" of the wine producer "Samarkand Jamba Sharob."

According to the results of the tasting competition the grand prize winner for the best wine from all participating categories of wines was announced. Deservedly it again became JSC "Combine Tashkentvino" for strong wine "Port Jubilee."