International Biennale of children's drawings opens in Tashkent
22 december 2014, 14:34 2025 views


Besides Uzbekistan on the opening day the works of children from China, America, Russia, France, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Latvia, India, Azerbaijan, Israel, Egypt and other countries will be represented.

Biennale of children's drawings held in support of children's creativity, cooperation and mutual understanding between children from different countries, identifying new talent, creating additional conditions for the improvement of professional skills of young art lovers, as well as the development of the intellectual level of children of pre-school, school age, increasing interest in national, world history and culture, to enhance their understanding of this.

The authoritative jury composed of the best artists of Uzbekistan, according to On the closing day Biennale on December 26 the winners will be awarded with the highest award - the Grand Prix, diplomas, and 7 gold, 7 silver and 7 bronze medals in the nomination "For the best reflection of the theme," "For the professional skills", "For creative imagination" . All participants will receive certificates of the International Biennial of children's drawings "Joys of Tashkent".