In Hollywood Three New Terminator Movies Will Be Shot
15 november 2013, 14:34 1385 views

altDate of filming the remaining parts is not known yet.

In the fifth part of the "Terminator" the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played the Terminator robot, who arrived in 1984 from a post-apocalyptic 2029 in the very first part of the tape, will star. Later - in 1991 and 2003 he starred in two sequels. In the film "Terminator: Salvation", which was released in 2009, the main character was drawn on the computer.

The director of the movie "Terminator-5" is going to look for actors for the main roles, says The Hollywood reporter.

Among the main contenders for the role of John Connor, who after a nuclear war would lead people to fight with the machines, British actor Tom Hardy featured.