German travel website arranged "gastronomic journey" to Uzbek cuisine
07 january 2015, 13:42 2254 views


Emphasizing the attractiveness of Uzbekistan in terms of tourism, the author Gerhard Birkl invites all readers to make a gastronomic journey through the different regions of the country, which, as he says, is very impressive.

It is noted that the trip will give tourists a good opportunity to get acquainted with different culinary traditions of both the Uzbek people, as well as representatives from more than 130 nations and nationalities inhabiting the territory of modern Uzbekistan, "Uzbektourism" says.

"Whoever is first touched by Uzbek cuisine, make sure its uniqueness and diversity. History of gastronomic art in Uzbekistan is rooted in antiquity. For many centuries, Uzbek cuisine has retained its originality and identity. This is just a philosophy, which absorbed all the wisdom of the ancestors and requires special skills ", the author writes.

The main dish of Uzbek cuisine is rice, the main ingredients of which are grilled meat, onions, carrots, rice with addition of various spices. Uzbek men pride themselves on their ability to cook the most luxurious, unique pilav.