German Film Festival starts in Tashkent
01 may 2015, 13:31 1765 views


The festival program includes eight films by German directors. They talk about the fabulous heroes and villains, children's friendship and relationships with parents, the joys and problems of youth.

The opening film of the festival was the picture of Ali Samadi Ahadi "Pettersson and Findus" - the story of a teacher who left the school, but continues to chat with former students.

Traditional partner of "Shum bola - 2015" became the International Film Festival "Shpingel", which translates from German as "mischievous." Its director Michael Harbauer noted that cinema is the most appropriate way of knowing the world for children and young people.

"The purpose of holding such festivals as" Shlingel "and" Shum bola" is to find and familiarize young audiences with films from different countries who are watching their peers in other countries. For example, last year, the Uzbek film "Do not forget me" participated in the festival in Germany and was warmly received by the German public. I hope that the movie brought by us will appeal to young viewers of Uzbekistan", - added Harbauer.

The festival will last until May 3. In Samarkand, "Shum bola - 2015" will start on May 5 in the cinema "Shark Yulduzi."