Euronews shows the program about the ancient city Khiva
25 december 2014, 10:42 2722 views


The report "Khiva, the gateway to the desert" talks about the traditions of the ancient city, which served as a caravan stop before crossing the desert on its way to Iran, according to UzReport.

Khiva - the pearl of ancient Khorezm - a cultural oasis in the northwest of present-day Uzbekistan. The city was the last stop before crossing the desert caravan on the way to Iran. Here was flourishing craft. Bakery, for example, over the past century has remained almost unchanged.

Two hours from Khiva, and you enter into the heart of Khorezm steppes, where archaeologists seek and find the monuments of ancient Asian civilization. Ayaz Kala - classic Khorezmian border facilities affects imagination. All around Khiva has, according to some sources, a few dozen of settlements and fortresses, which makes the region an important and promising archaeological site, Euronews says.