Dance Battle to be Held in Tashkent
24 january 2014, 16:00 1335 views

altThe battle will be opened with the neon show from the team "Double touch battle".

Participants will have the opportunity to choose the style of their dance. This can be a Hip-hop, Popping, Crump, Dancehall and others.

According to the organizers, this project spots the talented dancers and gives young guys a sense of confidence on stage.

The event will take place in several stages. First round - selection of participants on various dance categories. In the selection phase all comers are able to take part. Then will be a selection for the main Battle.

On a result of selection, the Hip-hop style dance will have 16 people, and by 8 people in each of the remaining categories by 8.

This is the first Battle in 2014, which will have not an age as a criterion, but the level of skill.

Selection of participants will be conducted by the leading choreographers of the capital.

First time such "Battle" was held in 2008.