Channel "Russia 1" presented a film about Uzbekistan
20 october 2014, 10:24 1823 views


On Saturday October 18 the Russian TV channel "Russia 1" presented a new documentary "Uzbekistan. The Pearl of the sand. It tells about the ancient history of our region, its amazing monuments and the great people who worked here.

This author's vision of the creative team production company "Workshop" led by the general producer Saida Medvedeva, who previously worked on projects such as "Water", "Secrets of Love", "Mold". Route of creative endeavors began in Tashkent and was continued in Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Russian filmmakers were accompanied by the colleagues from regional broadcasters - members of the National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan.

The documentary also focuses on understanding the role and place in the history of modern civilization's scientific heritage of outstanding scientists and thinkers of the medieval East.

  - We immediately found a common language with our professional colleagues from regional TV, which helped us a lot in the process of filming - shared M. Kuklina. Uzbekistan - is a unique country. We were impressed by the atmosphere, attitude and kindness of the people. And all of our warm feelings and emotions we want to convey through our film.

It should be noted that simultaneously broadcast "Uzbekistan. The Pearl of the sand”. A documentary is available for viewing in the "archive site."