Azerbaijani journalist admired at beauty of Tashkent
27 january 2015, 13:42 4458 views


The author shares his impressions of the trip to Tashkent. Describing the capital, he admires the beauty of the city, wide streets, magnificent architecture and landmarks, both contemporary and historical. A.Mirzaev writes that the country's protective of the ancient monuments. Since the Middle Ages the territory of Uzbekistan was the crossroads of transcontinental routes, center of the region, thus, this land has a rich cultural heritage. "One of the ancient buildings - Kukeldash, built in the XIV century. After visiting this picturesque monument we went to the Museum of History of Timurids, who is the pride of the Uzbek people. It contains information about the life and work of the great military campaigns of the Uzbek commander, as well as clothes and books he read".

Talking about the modern development of the country, the journalist noted that Uzbekistan is actively developing industry, in particular, the scope of engineering. "The population of the republic with pleasure acquires vehicles of domestic producers. Cars manufactured at the joint venture GM-Uzbekistan". Now on the streets of Tashkent can be seen streams of modern models of cars "Chevrolet", - concludes A.Mirzaev, IA "Jahon" reports.