A book on the works of Antonio Vivaldi dedicated to Amir Temur was presented in Rome
05 november 2014, 15:34 1704 views


Unsolved archaeological finds of ancient Roman coins on the territory of our Republic, the trade relations of States through the Great silk road, travel Marco Polo in Central Asia, and new discovery  - the works of the great Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi on Amir Temur are presented in a book published by Italian and Uzbek scientists.

The great Italian composer of the Renaissance style conveys his perception of great Amir Temur.

According to IA "Jahon", the book provides a historical overview of not only military achievements, but also features state of the building at the time, development, architecture, science, urban infrastructure and other areas of life, which are widely studied and adopted in European countries.

The presentation aroused great interest among the scientific circles of Italy, and laid out a new framework for cooperation and interchange between scientists of the two countries.