574th anniversary of Navoi celebrated in Moscow
19 february 2015, 13:48 2210 views


Editions told about the life and work of Navoi, published excerpts from his works, as well as informed readers about events that took place in Moscow on the occasion of the birth of the poet.

"Alisher Navoi was a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci and François Villon, the precursor of Shakespeare and Cervantes. His name is on a par with the names of Homer and Dante, Firdausi and Nizami, Saadi and Rustaveli, Jami and Balzac, Pushkin and Dostoevsky - wrote an information portal "News of "Big Moscow". - A great lyric poet, under his pen Turkic verse, written in old Uzbek language, reached artistic heights. Creative works of Navoi are filigree elegance shine, they are sensual, metaphorical breath freshness. Each line is riddled with feelings of kindness, tolerance, calling for peace, love and understanding between people, friendship and cooperation. That is why their relevance will never disappear".

The paper media agency "MIRJ" emphasizes that the celebrations in honor of Alisher Navoi in Moscow will further strengthen the friendship and mutual understanding between Russia and Uzbekistan, IA "Jahon" reports.